“It’s great! WAAY better than I would have done.”

 “This is amazing. You did a wonderful job.”

 “The new (website) pages look fantastic! Keep up the good work and thank you.”

Rodney Warner

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Effective content creates warm leads for your law firm, business or nonprofit. It generates interest in you and what you do. It inspires trust because of your expertise and experience. If you don’t provide this kind of content, your website visitor will find another website that does.


Empathy is key to effective content. When you understand the legal practice and the challenges clients face as well as I do, empathy becomes a cornerstone to what I write.


My clients include law firms, digital marketing agencies, publishers, nonprofits, accountants, and businesses. Since 2012 I’ve been writing mostly for law firms because I worked as a paralegal while attending law school part time. I practiced law for 16 years.


Is your website content just filling space or giving the visitor a good reason to stick around and learn more about you, what you do and how well you do it?


I’ve helped dozens of clients. I can help you too.

Interested? Want to see writing samples? If so, let’s start the conversation.