Why Your Blogs Suck – No Variety

Why Your Blogs Suck – No Variety

How predictable are your blogs? Do you give the reader a good reason to come back for more?

I’ve been writing website content for law firms for about eight years. Most of those pieces are blogs. I think about 90% follow the same formula: re-writing or updating some news story. That’s certainly a valid route and I’m more than happy to bill my clients for them but it’s a great big world out there. Mix things up.

I worked as a paralegal while attending law school part-time. I practiced law in two states for sixteen years before writing became my job (not just a part of it). The practice of law, like so many professions, can be complex, confusing and often illogical.

That’s where blogs come to the rescue. If you’re knowledgeable about the law (or some other topic) and can explain things in an easy to understand and compelling way (or just hire me) you can go a long way with engaging and maintaining an audience.

This article by the American Bar Association covering a common contract mistake would be a great basis for a piece. It could explain how contracts work and the fact a good attorney won’t just use the same contract form over and over and over again. It’s about the dangers of using a contract where little mistakes, over time, can accumulate, creep in and cause serious problems. There’s no big news story. No blockbuster deal blows up due to a sloppily drawn up contract. Just a good, solid, educational piece.

Through a blog you can explain to people how things work and what to expect. It displays your expertise and will make others feel more comfortable trusting you with their situation. It may be national seat belt safety week or there was a recent, horrendous truck accident downtown a couple days ago, but it’s ok to focus on spreading a little knowledge about the law.

You can also explain how things work for a change because change is good. So is a concise, compelling, informative blog that shows readers you know what you’re talking about. When this magic happens, you’ll be that much closer to getting their emails or phone calls asking your office to set up appointments. Isn’t that what you want?

You have better things to do than write blogs. I don’t. Contact me or call me at (267) 393-4145 so we can start talking about me writing for you so you can make better use of your time.