Why Your Website Sucks: It’s All About You

Why Your Website Sucks: It’s All About You

You may be an amazing professional. Your company provides an awesome service or sells a product that’s critical to your customers’ success. If your website content, especially your home page, focuses on you, your product or service, it sucks and you’re losing clients and customers to your competition.

Your website should be a warm lead machine. At the very least its purpose is to provide you with contact information from potential clients and customers or, ideally, result in these people calling or emailing you. You want to inspire them to go beyond thinking of, wondering about or considering you, but instead taking action to contact you. Why would they do this? Because they have a fear that needs to be calmed, a problem they need solved or avoided or an opportunity they want to exploit.

Don’t focus on you, your service or product. Focus on your potential clients’ wants, needs and fears and how can you address their needs, prevent problems and create opportunities for them. Your website should not be all about you, it’s about those who purchase services or products from you.

People take the time to do web searches to help themselves, not learn about how educated you are, how many square feet of manufacturing space you have, how many awards you received from your industry’s regional association or that your office features a ping pong table. They don’t care. They want to know, what’s in it for me? Can these people help me?

Good website content has your potential client at heart. That person should be central to your website’s being. What are you doing to communicate your service’s or your product’s value to your potential customers or clients? Are you describing it as so beneficial to those you serve the person reading your website will take an action and contact you? If your content doesn’t help you reach this goal, why is it there?

Give the people what they want. Address their fears. Tell them how you can help them avoid and solve problems. That’s what your website visitors really want. If you don’t give them this information in a compelling manner, they will find someone else who will.

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